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What you do when you've got nothing on

What the media says

Bare Britain has caught the public's imagination and the media's attention alike. Below is a selection of some features about our book.

AOL Travel, 16 August 2006

Beach bums: Holiday nudism exposed

If going on holiday is about unwinding and letting yourself go, what could be more relaxing than letting it all hang out at the seaside? Once a very secretive activity pursued in private grounds or on secluded beaches, nudist bathing is now enjoying popularity as never before...

There are literally thousands of destinations throughout the world to choose from if you're inclined towards baring all while on holiday. This week, we bring you the top five naturist sites in the UK, according to Bare Britain (Nick Mayhew-Smith and Mike Charles, Lifestyle Press, 12.95).

Top Sante, August 2006

Feel Great Naked: reasons to strip off more

'If you sunbathe in your garden, applying suncream is much easier', laughs Ronnie Fine. 'You don't have to worry about getting lotion on your bikini, you just spread it on everywhere. Best of all, there are no tan lines or white bits to ruin your look when you put on a dress for the evening!' For nude sunbathing hotspots read Bare Britain (Lifestyle Press 12.95).

Weight Watchers, 15 June 2006

Dare to Go Bare

(Roz Lewis investigates the popularity of bathing in the buff)

If you've ever secretly stared at those going topless on beaches, thinking, gosh, I really wish I had the nerve to do that, or, I bet my tan would look sooo much better if I sunbathed in the buff, then you're not alone...

Psychologically, people may experience a general feeling of wellbeing when they become naturists...

Nick Mayhew, a dedicated naturist and author of Bare Britain, says: "I often hear women discussing how their body image has improved since becoming naturist."

Real Magazine, 16-30 September 2005

Inspired by the new publication - Bare Britain - Real Magazine features writer, Louise Hall and two of her pals, Anna and Victoria, accept an invitation to visit Diogenes naturist club in leafy Buckinghamshire.

Louise describes her first skinny-dip: "At last I understand what all the fuss is about. There's something wonderfully liberating and exhilarating about being able to throw your bikini to the wind. I can't believe we spend so much of our lives hiding our bodies away. We should celebrate, not be ashamed of them". She continued, "The huge feeling of of well-being you get is disproportionate to the tiny amount of clothing you lose. It's ironic, really, that we don't Adam and Eve it more often considering that our skin is the best 'clothing' there is!"

ITV's This Morning, 20 July 2005

This year skin is in as more and more of the British public are choosing to get naked in an attempt to be part of the increasingly popular 'naturist' movement. Over the past few years this lifestyle has exploded onto the scene... and now with a specialist travel book outselling the others, we thought it was high time we checked this phenomenon out.

Daily Mail, 15 July 2005

How I became a nudity buff

(Erin Kelly describes her stay at Southleigh Manor)

Of this year's bestsellers, Bare Britain - a guide to the UK's best places to go naked in public - is perhaps the most surprising. The success of the book suggests that there's an appetite for public nudity in Britain that has long gone unreported.

...I reflect on the weekend I've had. Sometimes it was surreal but it was amazingly relaxing and did wonders for my confidence.

I'll definitely swim naked whenever I can in future - I'm determined to check out some of the UK's naturist beaches.

Tatler, July 2005

Camilla Long writes: Have you heard...

For those who are embracing the summer with gusto, there is only one publication: Bare Britain (Lifestyle Press). A survey of the country's finest nudist beaches, it is indispensable for summer holiday directions.

Brighton Argus, 15 June 2005

Dare to go bare?

Two Brighton beaches are featured in 'Bare Britain', a new guide to nudist beaches, and to see what all the fuss is about reporters Rob Hustwayte and Miriam Wells decided to check them out for themselves.

Miriam, (24), joined nude bathers on Shoreham Beach... she decided she definitely felt better in the buff.

She said: "By far and away the most common reason why people would rather eat raw tripe than parade naked in front of strangers is self-consciousness about their body and a fear of being laughed at. But in my experience, naturism not only makes you feel liberated, it actively improves your confidence."

"You'd be surprised just how different it feels swimming without a bikini on or having the sun hit every part of you - it's lovely. I urge everyone to try it at least once. If everyone were happier naked, the world would be a much better place."

The Times, 4 June 2005

How I learnt to grin and bare it

(Nicholas Roe describes his stay at Pevors Farm Cottages)

...it is a tranquil 400-acre spread of beans and barley with a barn and chicks and ducks - but also four self-catering cottages grouped around two courtyards exclusively for naturists.

A new book, Bare Britain, reveals that naturism offers many clubs and a growing number of beaches and B&Bs aimed at the naked market, so I was trying my luck, giving skin the lead over textiles.

There was a heated indoor swimming pool and I ended up skinny-dipping - the first time I've ever tried nude swimming. It was silky and embracing and completely charming...

The Observer, 29 May 2005

Book of the week: Bare Britain

According to this guide there's nothing quite like running naked into the sea for making you feel good about life and, if you agree, you may want to rush out and grab yourself a copy...

...more than 200 clubs and beaches now consider a bathing suit and birthday suit to be the same thing, and a surprising number of regular leisure centres offer nudist sessions. Bare Britain lists them along with tips on nearby accommodation...

Western Mail, Cardiff, 27 May 2005

Good bare guide success

TWO Welsh locations have been named among the best in Britain for naturists. They are in a new guide, Bare Britain, to be launched next month. Pembrokeshire's Tything Barn, a sanctuary near the Cleddau estuary, is named as one of the top five nudist resorts in Britain, while Morfa Dyffryn in Gwynedd ranks among the best five nudist beaches in the UK.

Essex Evening Gazette, 27 May 2005

Sible Hedingham: Farm's bare-faced joy at nudist prize

Would you Adam and Eve it? An Essex farm showed some bare-faced cheek after being exposed as the top nudist spot in the UK. Farmers Margaret and John Lewis showed naked ambition when they opened up luxury holiday cottages for sun-seekers who like shedding their clothes.

Tourist chiefs even awarded them a four-star rating. Now nudists' bible Bare Britain has voted Pevors Farm, near Sible Hedingham, the top spot for getting your kit off.

Clevedon Mercury, 26 May 2005

Sunset strip

A new book revealing the best places in Britain for naturists to bare all features a site in Clevedon. And among the naturist clubs in Bare Britain is Ridgewood Sun Club, which is situated in secluded woodland between Clevedon and Portishead...

Leicester Mercury, 25 May 2005

Naked guide to Britain lists three nudist clubs in county

Three nudist clubs in the county have been listed as some of the best places to go naked in Britain. ...according to the publishers, more Britons than ever before are opting to go nude. They say nearly a quarter of the population has tried skinny-dipping and British Naturism has a thriving membership.

The Citizen, Gloucester, 25 May 2005

Revealing beach facts

Bare Britain features practical information about more than 50 beaches and 100 naturist clubs and resorts. The top naturist beaches include Studland Beach, Dorset; Slapton, Devon; and Pednvounder Beach, Cornwall.

BBC Norfolk, 25 May 2005

Norfolk naturism tops new guide

Norfolk has scored a double whammy to claim a dual top five rating for its naturist beaches and resorts in the Bare Britain Guide 2005.

No stranger to winning awards for the quality of its beaches, the county is now recommended as one of the top places to visit for naturists.

Bare Britain, a guide to the UK's best naturist resorts and beaches, highlights the Broadlands resort near Norwich as one of the top five resorts for naturists to visit, with the sands at Holkham rated in the top five beaches featured in the guide.

Commercial manager for British Naturism Andrew Welch said being naked in the open air was a "great antidote" to the stresses of everyday life...

SKY NEWS, 25 May 2005

Guide on where to bare

A new guide is to be published revealing where is best to go bare in Britain. The guide's co-author, Nick Mayhew-Smith, said: "With so many beautiful beaches around our coastline as well as friendly clubs in great locations around the country, we hope this guide will inspire many more Britons to give bare bathing a go."

Bare Britain is published on June 5 - World Naturist Day.

BBC News, 24 May 2005

UK's top nudist resorts revealed

A group of holiday cottages in Essex are one of the best places to bare all in the UK, according to a new guide.

Bare Britain highlights Pevors Farm, a naturist cottage development in Sible Hedingham, as one of the top five resorts for naturists to visit.

The other four resorts are Broadlands in Norfolk, South Hants in Hampshire, Southleigh Manor in Cornwall and Tything Barn in Wales.

The guide also includes information about more than 50 beaches.

Author Nick Mayhew said he wanted to highlight Britain's many "idyllic" nudist locations.

The Scotsman, 24 May 2004

New Guide Bares All

By Louise Barnett, PA Consumer Affairs Correspondent

A guide uncovering the best places in the UK for naturists to bare their all is to be launched next month. It includes travel directions and information about the locations, focusing on the "back to nature" benefits of simple living. Andrew Welch, commercial manager for British Naturism, said: "Many of Britain's beaches rival those on the continent and are perfect for baring all. Hopefully we will have a lovely warm summer so we can make the most of what Britain has to offer." Bare Britain costs £12.95 www.barebritain.com.

News from Abroad, 13 May 2005

Bare Britain revealed in all its glory

Well, they are saying it is going to be a long, hot summer...

Anyone planning to take a holiday in the UK this year - and wanting to get naked at the same time - may well want to take a look at Bare Britain, published by Lifestyle Press in association with British Naturism.

The book features dozens of beaches where clothing is optional and more than 100 naturist clubs around the country.

As well as hundreds of photos of bare bodies, Bare Britain offers pages of serious advice regarding nudity including sections such as "safe in the sunshine", "law in the raw" and "hassle" from those less keen on naturism.

Publication day is 5 June - World Naturism Day


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